Data Monitoring Committee

The Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) is an independent group of individuals who are appropriately qualified and experienced in clinical trials. These individuals will be responsible for overseeing the safety aspects of the trial.

Trial Steering Commitee

The Trial Steering Committee (TSC) is responsible for assessing the trial’s overall progress, sample use, sanctioning or proposing any protocol changes, reviewing and approve publication data and abstracts, review trial endpoints, efficacy data, site performance, approving any proposals made by the TMG to change the design of the trial. This committee will receive and act upon reports from both the Trial Management Group and the DMC.

Trial Management Group

The Trial Management Group (TMG) is responsible for acting on the advice and recommendations of the DMC, and TSC. They will be responsible for acting on the advice and proposals given by the TSC and DMC committees, putting procedures in place, planning the course of action for the trial, problem solving any major issues and overall trial coordination.
  Study Co-Chairpersons
Dr John Chia is the driving force behind the study from its initial conceptualization till present. He is a senior consultant from National Cancer centre Singapore.
  Dr Toh Han Chong is the deputy director of National Cancer Centre Singapore. He heads the laboratory of cell therapy and cancer vaccines. ASCOLT is supported through his mentoring and fundraising activities.
   Dr Raghib Ali is the Director of the INDOX Cancer Research Network and Clinical Epidemiologist at the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at the University of Oxford. He supports ASCOLT through the INDOX Cancer Research Network and Catalyst Clinical Services.
  Associate Professor Segelov is a practising Medical Oncologist with a national reputation in the diagnosis and management of upper and lower gastrointestinal cancers. She is the Principal Investigator of the Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trial Group’s (AGITG) ASCOLT study
Project Management
National Cancer Centre Singapore Estelle and Evelyn works in National Cancer Centre Singapore. They manage ASCOLT and work closely with the other trial management group team especially the clinical research associates.
  Divya, Sanjay (From Left to Right) Catalyst Clinical Services Clinical Research Associate
Catalyst Clinical Services is located in India where Divya monitor and manage India and Sri Lanka Sites of ASCOLT. Sanjay coordinates the INDOX network that also include the India Sites participating in ASCOLT
  SPRIM Clinial Research Associate
Working in the Indonesia local office of SPRIM, Melinda oversee site management and monitoring of Indonesia Sites.
Photo--Xiaoting Wei FHI 360 Clinical Research Associate
Xiaoting  works in the FHI 360 local Office in China. She oversees the site management and monitoring of China Sites.
INC Research Clinical Research Associates

INC Research CRA team oversees the site management and monitoring of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Singapore Sites.

DreamsCIS Clinical Research Associates

DCIS team oversees the site management and monitoring of Korea Sites.

Data Management



Data Managers
Working in Singapore Clinical Research Institute,  Doreen manages all the CRF data of ASCOLT.
Statistical Support

SCRI Statistician and Programmers: Rajesh Babu Moorakonda, Ganesh Lekurwale, Lu Qingshu.(From Left to Right)

SCRI Statistician team
The team works in Singapore Clinical Research Institute. Chun Fan oversee the randomization stratification and statistical analysis. Rajesh and Ganesh supports him with the data extraction in preparation of statistical analysis
IT Support

SCRI IT Support Team:
Lee Si Mun, Huang Ruiping, Huang Kuanfu (From Left to Right)

SCRI IT support Team
Located in Singapore Clinical Research Institute, the team provides IT support and manage user access to randomization system and remote data capture system.